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Dr. Ekaterina Egorova, Dr.Elizaveta Egorova, Ken FeltmanThe more quickly the Republican nomination for the presidential candidate for their presidential elections approaches, the more clearly Trump, according to opinion polls, emerges as winner, the more astounded we are as we try to imagine ...
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The Beauty and the Beast

The Beauty and the Beast:Psychological Analysis of Relations between Hillary Clinton and Vladimir PutinEkaterina Egorova, Ph.D., Political Profiler, President,Elizaveta Egorova, Ph.D., Political Profiler, CEOPerhaps, when Hillary Clinton thinks of Vladimir Putin, she perceives him as a ...
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Erdoğan and Putin: The Game of Thrones

Dr. Ekaterina Egorova, President of Political ProfilerDr. Elizaveta Egorova, CEO of Political ProfilerCopyright © 2016 Dr. Ekaterina Egorova and Dr. Elizaveta Egorova. All rights reserved.“The world has a leadership problem. Today there are two and a half leaders in the world. One is Recep Tayyip ...
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